Phone Accessories


Bluetooth headset is one of our fastest moving product and we try our best to keep all the models in stock at all times. If you don’t see a models you are interested in, please call us. We carry Brand New and Open Box (Customer Return) items from all manufacturers.

Wired Headsets

We always have a good stock of all OEM wired headsets from Samsung, Apple, LG, Blackberry etc. If you buy them in bulk to kit phones or sell them online, we have you covered.


A full line of Brand New and ‘A grade’ Batteries are always in stock. From Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola etc

Charger Cube

Cube and chargers from Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola etc are always available and are ready to ship.


All OEM cables for iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc, are available in large quantity.


A full line of all OEM Boxes for iPhones are always available and ready to ship. These are A Grade Boxes and are cleaned at our facility. Once ready, they are shipped to our customers nationwide.

Why us?

Why is very simple, We will offer you products at the price where you will make money. Our goal is to deliver simply the best quality product at the lowest price to our customers. So if you are a wholesaler, retailer or an online seller, we have the right product for you. Call us direct at 1-917-662-8800

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